Lauren Catlin

Easy updates that make a BIG difference

12 January 2015
Lauren Catlin

So you’re home is starting to look a bit dated, but you’re not the most handy person on the planet and professional renovations don’t fit the budget. Here’s a list of some small, inexpensive (relatively) updates YOU can do:

Easy updatesUpdate your hardware! Brass knobs everywhere? Switch to brushed nickel for an updated look. For example, even if you’re dreaming of brand new cabinets, just changing the knobs on the doors can make a big difference. Having brass in your home ages it.

Paint! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – paint is an inexpensive (if you do it yourself) thing that can make a big impact. Make sure to take the time to tape and do it right though!

Gardening! Depending on what you like to do, this can be one of the most tedious, but a yard that looks maintained looks much more appealing than one that’s overgrown and some inexpensive annuals can add some nice colour.

Patch work. Grab some poly filla and fix those holes from picture frame hanging gone wrong.

Update your faucets. Are your faucets looking worn? Just can’t get them clean? Or are you stuck with some builder grade faucets that just look cheap? Update to brushed nickel. You can often find good deals on clearance at Canadian Tire or Home Depot if you’re not that picky!

Window coverings! Still using those flowered curtains from 20 years ago? It’s time to go! Faux wood blinds can be very affordable and look very modern (opt for a wider blind for a more updated look, and keep the colours neutral – white always looks good and clean).

Replace your showerhead. If your showerhead no longer gets clean, it’s time for a new one. It doesn’t need to be fancy – but it needs to be clean.

Accessories – a couple new bright, modern throw pillows or hand towels can go a long way for a little cost and bonus – this is something you get to take with you!

Strip and stain wood – from cabinets to floors – now be advised, this is a LOT of work, but it can be an inexpensive way to really modernize a space. Make sure you ask the store associate for recommended products and tips.