Lauren Catlin

 "The Mountain" - this is a term you'll need to get used to in Hamilton - it's what we call the top of the escarpment.   Having a much different feel from downtown, much of "the mountain" is suburbia.  There are many different neighbourhoods that make up "the mountain" which in time I will get into farther detail.   Closer to the escarpment you'll see smaller, war-time homes, and as you get further away from the escarpment you'll see newer homes.  The mountain is also home to Hamilton's Lime Ridge Mall.  

While admittedly the Hamilton Mountain is quieter than the downtown core, it is not without some great independent restaurants and coffee shops.  Check out Concession Street for example.  It's a great spot along the escarpment with some cute places to visit.  It's definitely worth checking out.  There are also paved pathways along the escarpment at different points which are great for a stroll with a view.  There are also stairway accesses that you can take down the mountain and are often used for exercise.